David Adam is a bagpiper and flute player from outside the city of Inverness, near the banks of Loch Ness, Scotland. He has been playing bagpipes since an early age and has also mastered the border and small pipes, tin whistle and wooden flute.

Moving from Inverness to Glasgow to go to University, the strong Scottish music scene had a big impact on David's musical development. While there he started the folk trio Skelpaig and joined the Brazilian and Scottish Fusion group MacUmba. He also widened his repertoire in the lively folk session scene.

A move to the countryside of Angus coincided with David taking a break from IT and working as a musician full-time. While in Angus the Moonzie Allstars where started, who combine a myriad of styles and music to create a pogo-ing, moshing, heughing, high energy band. Also a music teacher, David has taught at a number of Feisean (Gaelic music festivals), the Gordon Gatherin and the length of the Highlands with the Youth Music Project.

Now based in Sweden, David has started two folk groups, one Irish based: Jester's Hope and the other more Scottish: Laldy. He's also part of a cover band that combines flutes, guitar, accordian, bagpipes and song: Ur Spår.